Research topics

Corresponding researcher
* Professor:     Hidenori HAMADA 
** Associate Professor: Yasutaka SAGAWA

Corrosion & corrosion protection*

  • Cathodic protection by sacrificial galvanic-zinc anode
  • Chloride threshold value for service life design
  • Load capacity of RC & PC beams exposed in tidal zone
  • Evaluation of effectiveness calcium nitrite as an inhibitor
  • Repair method for concrete structure damaged by salt
  • Sea water mixed concrete

Permeability of ions and water **

  • Chloride migration test (steady- & non-steady-state test)
  • Evaluation of diffusion coefficient of chloride ion
  • Mercury intrusion porosimetry in cemend-based materials
  • Air permeability test (by two-chamber vacuum cell)
  • Electrical resistivity measurement of concrete

Alkali-silica reaction**

  • Accelerated expansion test by alkali-wrapping (RILEM-modified)
  • Exposure test and expasion simulation
  • Observation of micro-cracks & ASR gel
  • Mechanical properties of PC beam affected by ASR

Recycling & sustainability**

  • Fly ash based geopolymer
  • Ground granulated blast-furnace slag for PC bridge
  • Alternative aggregates for concrete (BFS, RCA etc.)
  • Production of pozzolanic material including kaolinite